Ryan Prior, Wizard
Ryan Prior has been quite content lately. He studied in an excellent library recently. He enjoyed a fine drink lately. He talked with a friend lately. He has been satisfied at work lately.
He does not worship any gods.
He is a citizen of the State of Wisconsin. He is a member of The Prior Family.
He is twenty-seven years old, born on the 24th of Sandstone in the year 1988.
He is average in size. His short sideburns are neat. His face is clean-shaven. His short hair is messy. His lips are slightly thick. His nose is very large. His hair is dark brown. His skin is tan. His eyes are raw umber.
He is tough, but he is somewhat susceptable to disease.
Ryan Prior likes pyrite, cherry wood, aluminium, the color orange, rats for their whisker-twitching and ropes. When possible, he prefers to consume rabbit, mutton, river salmon, basmati rice, wheat flour, and Scotch whiskey. He absolutely detests pigs.
He has great creativity, a natural ability with music, a good intellect, a good spacial sense and good intuition, but he has trouble focusing, little patience and some trouble with social interactions.
He is slow to anger. He can easily become absorbed in art and the beauty of the natural world. He is candid and sincere in dealings with others. He is open-minded to new ideas. He is willing to compromise with others. He has a sense of duty. He doesn't go out of his way to do more work than necessary. He fidgets when he is nervous. He likes working outdoors and grumbles only mildly at inclement weather.

A medium-sized creature prone to great ambition.